10 years at Heidal school

An art project at Heidal elementary school

2018 - 2028

Heidal skule

 About the project

"10 years at Heidal school" is a groundbreaking project where artists are invited into the school and given time and space to work as artists together with a group of children. Over a period of 10 years, these children will experience and participate in creating art.


In this unique art project, a class will work with 10 different artists throughout their years at Heidal school. In August 2018, 9 students started 1st grade here. These are the pupils who will meet and work with various artists in this project, until they leave the school in june 2028.


Over a period of one or two years, each artist will work with the class for 3 weeks per semester. The artists are free to define their own projects, the only criteria is that they must include the pupils and their teachers in the art project.

​Art and artists

Due to the length of the project, the participating artists will be selected successively based on their personal projects, according to the age of the children and how the project develops in general. 


All invited artists are active in the Norwegian contemporary art scene. The end product for each artist will be a fixed installation and documentation of the process.

This web site will become an archive for the various projects.

2018 - 2020 

Our first visiting artist is Gisle Harr. He is a painter, sculptor and musician.

Gisle Harr follows the class through 1st and 2nd grade. His project is to provide the children with technical skills to create their own sculptures and paintings while developing preferences and a language related to art. The children are invited into his studio at the school, and sometimes the classroom is transformed into a workspace for art.

In addition to drawing- and sculpture lessons, Gisle Harr continues his own work with sculpture and painting. 

He is now working on a series of portraits of the pupils in 1st grade and others who he has met at Heidal school.


His works will be shown at an exhibition at Heidal school autumn 2020. Some of these works will be purchased as a fixed installation.​


2020 - 2022

Second artist is Anna Daniell, wich works in the field of sculpture, film, performance and text.

More information follows.

2022 - 2028

The list of participating artists will be published along the way.

School and art

When the artists are present at the school, the schedule is adapted to suit the art project.

The school leaders emphasize the art project's potential for broader learning, collaboration, thriving and mastery. These are important factors in current education.


The students' artworks and pictures from the process, organized by year. ​​​

Support and partners 

The topic of art and children is currently prioritized in Norway, and many cultural institutions are focused on this. "10 years at Heidal school" is financially supported by KORO public art Norway, Sparebankstiftelsen, Kulturrådet and Oppland Fylkeskommune.

Since "10 years at Heidal school" is a project where art is introduced to children on the artists' terms for a long period of time, this becomes an interesting project to support.

The project is not fully financed, so this is an issue we work on continuously.


Kulturtanken (Art for young audiences Norway) is responsible for doing research on the project for its whole duration. A plan for how this research will be conducted is to be decided spring 2020.


Critiques and public interest in the project.

Side projects

The other students at Heidal school are invited to make web-based projects related to "10 years at Heidal school". The idea is to make a platform for the other pupils to interact with the art project as well.

The school and contact 

Heidal school is an elementary school in Heidal, a small community in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. This is a rural area known for its beautiful nature, old buildings and farms and ample opportunities for outdoor activities. In 2019 there are 124 pupils from 1st. to 10.th grad and a staff of 25. The school is a cornerstone in the community.

Social media

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